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Dr. Nicole Weinberg, Dr. Sarina van der Zee and Dr. Alexandra Lajoie have teamed up to deliver personalized care and patient education to our women patient population.  


  • Consultative cardiology and advanced arrhythmia management by female physicians certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Echocardiography, Nuclear Imaging and Electrophysiology

  • Full diagnostic services including in office echocardiography, nuclear, vascular ultrasound, treadmill testing, rhythm monitors, pacemaker/ICD care

  • Advanced cardiovascular risk profiling including lipoprotein testing as well as metabolic analysis

  • Risk reduction and management by female providers

  • Vascular reactivity testing for assessment of  vascular age and white coat hypertension

  • Aspirin assay to determine the precise dosage of drug that your body needs

  • Pregnancy specific testing and expertise

  • Management of cardiovascular risk associated with hormone changes

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