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Medical School: Columbia University

Medical Residency: University of Washington

Cardiology Fellowship: Cedars-Sinai 

Joined Pacific Heart in 2016.

Alexandra Lajoie, M.D. is a non-invasive cardiologist with extensive experience in cardiac imaging.  She is originally from New York and attended Princeton University, followed by medical school at Columbia University.  She moved to Los Angeles for cardiology fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Lajoie is board-certified in echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, nuclear cardiology, and cardiac CT.  She has published work on imaging, the effects of diet on atherosclerosis, and cardio-oncology, about which she has given presentations to both the community and academic circles.


Dr. Lajoie is passionate about helping patients understand their cardiac conditions and working with them on individualized therapies.  She believes in the importance of prevention and early diagnosis, and she is committed to creating the best treatment plan for each patient’s specific needs. In addition to general and consultative cardiology, she has expertise in preventing and managing heart disease related to cancer therapy.


When she is not caring for patients, Dr. Lajoie enjoys running, hiking, skiing, and traveling.

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