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We welcome all of our patients to learn more about the specialized services we offer at Pacific Heart Institute.  Please take a moment to review our Enhanced Access Program to maximize your patient experience. We encourage all patients that are visiting Pacific Heart Institute for in-house procedures to carefully review the supplied documentation.


Will this change or affect my insurance?​​

NO, we will still charge you and your insurance and accept the contracted rates as reimbursement in full for covered services. You will be responsible for your deductible and co-pays.

If I decide not to enroll, will I still have access to care in an emergency?

YES, as in the past if you have an urgent health issue we are available to care for you as your condition dictates.

Can I make installment payments for the plan I choose?

YES, you can split up the payment into four consecutive monthly installments.  You will need to provide the business office with credit card information, and we will automatically process the payments the 1st of each month.​

How do I decide which plan is best for me?​​

You may speak to your doctor or nurse if you are uncertain which plan is best for you.


Can I change my plan from the Select to the Premier or Concierge after I sign up?

YES, if you wish to upgrade to a higher level of services, simply contact the office and inform your doctor’s assistant. He or she can assist you with the additional payment and new contract. Please be aware that the Concierge Plan has limited enrollment availability. Access to this plan is not guaranteed.

Does my doctor still take my insurance?​​

YES, we are still contracted with Medicare and most PPO insurances.​

If I do not need to see my doctor now, and I choose not to enroll until a later date, can my enrollment fee be prorated?​​

NO, if you choose to delay your enrollment you will still be responsible for the full annual fee.

How will I know when I need to re-enroll?​

We will send you re-enrollment contracts prior to your renewal date.

If I choose not to enroll, will I still be able to call the office?​

YES, you can reach your doctor’s assistant to schedule appointments.  If you are having urgent medical problems, you will be able to speak to a nurse so she can assess you.  For routine questions you will need to schedule an appointment with a doctor or a nurse.

Is the fee tax-deductible? May I use my Health Savings Account for the fees?​​

It is best to discuss this with your tax advisor or the administrator of your HSA. Same goes for the FSA, HRA, MSA, and RRA.

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